Hi, I'm Kevin Matras and I hope my site was   useful and informative.

I had been a registered commodity broker for over 10 years, and my goal with this site is to be able to share my experience and trading techniques with those interested in chart pattern analysis as a way to help time the market.


These markets are full of both opportunity and risk, and I don't believe anybody has the magic system or methodology including myself. But as far as trading goes, I do believe that technical analysis is one of the most effective ways to trade the markets.


Fundamentals of course are key in determining supply and demand and ultimately the price of a commodity (or stock), but it's the technicals in my opinion that can give you insight as to when the market is ready to react to those fundamentals. 

(How many times have you read about, heard about or researched a certain stock or commodity, determined that the fundamentals were bullish or bearish, only to then take a position and watch the market go the other way? Confused and frustrated you then abandon your position only to then watch it finally go the way you had been expecting from the beginning.  And the reasons for your earlier market convictions are now being played out in the media while you stand by wondering what happened?)

Brutal, huh?  It happens all the time.

I believe that certain chart patterns reflect the collective buying and selling sentiment of the market and can in turn be used in trying to forecast future price direction and the timing surrounding it.  Keep in mind, nothing is foolproof, but I believe a strong fundamental outlook combined with a good technical viewpoint creates a very potent combination for the trader and investor.


As a representative for an investment research company, I speak to people everyday about trading and investing and give seminars on stock investment tools, services and trading systems. 

If the approach I've outlined makes sense and/or you have an interest in any of the products or services seen on this website, please feel free to contact me.

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The information contained here was gathered from sources deemed reliable, however, no claim is made as to its accuracy or content. This does not contain specific recommendations to buy or sell at particular prices or times, nor should any of the examples presented be deemed as such. There is a risk of loss in trading futures and futures options and stocks and stocks options and you should carefully consider your financial position before making any trades.  The reference to statistical probabilities does not pertain to profitability, but rather to the direction of the market. The size and the duration of the markets move, as well as entry and exit prices ultimately determines success or failure in a trade and is in no way represented in these statistics. This is not, nor is it intended to be, a complete study of chart patterns or technical analysis and should not be deemed as such. 

Futures and options trading carries significant risk and you can lose some, all or even more than your investment.

Stock trading involves high risks and you can lose a significant amount of money.